Simka means "Joy" in Hebrew

Simple teaching tools to help you
discover the authentic culture of Jesus.

  • Grow in Faith

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  • Learn to Rest

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In today's busy world, many people feel stressed and alone.  Simka makes it easy to experience the joy & rest found in the first-century customs and culture of Jesus.

We don't just care about excellent biblical scholarship, we care about you!

  • 10,000+ hours of academic research focused on first-century Christian customs
  • 20+ years of experience studying, teaching and leading educational tours in Israel 
  • 15+ years serving churches and businesses as an educator and executive life coach
  • 8+ years teaching university and seminary courses on the origins of Christianity 
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It's time to reclaim our full inheritance as Christians!

  • Weekly Teaching

    Explore the culture and traditions of Jesus that lead to joy and rest.

  • Shabbat Guide

    Get the Shabbat Guide for an enhanced learning experience at home.

  • Joyful Community

    Gather friends and family to create meaningful memories together.


Stop the Stress. Get Joy & Rest!

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