Simka Wall Calendar

Reasons to Rest & Seasons to Celebrate

Get in sync with God's calendar.

Many of us want to grow closer to Jesus and the way He lived, yet millennia and continents between us make it difficult.

Are you interested in the calendar used by first-century Christians?

We make it simple to understand God's annual rhythms.

Seamlessly integrated with both Gregorian and Hebrew dates, this calendar guides you through the timeless traditions of Jesus so you can be immersed in the significance of every celebration.

What Makes the Simka Calendar Different?

Journey through the biblical year with the Simka Calendar starting in the month of Nissan. Designed for those seeking a deeper connection to their Hebrew and biblical roots.

Years of research, academic study and travel throughout the Middle East and Israel lend to the wealth of knowledge on each page.

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We Simplify Complex Biblical Concepts

Celebrate the beginning of each biblical month and gain a deeper understanding of how God's lunar/solar calendar works. Use the Simka Wall Calendar as a simple visual aid to stay in sync with biblical rhythms.

"Theologically deep, yet surprisingly accessible. Beautifully transcendent."

Meet Yoram Raanan

Each Hebrew month is beautifully illustrated by renowned Israeli artist, Yoram Raanan.

Designed as a supplement to Simka's Shabbat Guide, all dates are established according to the simple reading of the Bible when explaining the biblical year.

Understanding Your Hebrew Heritage

We believe the customs and traditions of the earliest followers of Jesus are just as transformational today as they were in the first century. 

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