Omer - Day 12

At twilight today, Tuesday, April 19th, a new day begins, the 12th  day of "counting the Omer"! Today marks one week and five days of counting. 

When Jesus started appearing to His disciples, "... he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures" (Luke 24:45). As a result, they were able to see what they had never seen before.

I recall my mentor saying that words of the Bible leap off the page and enter our hearts. When you read your Bible, invite the risen Messiah to help you understand. Then watch the words enter your heart and open your eyes so you can see what you've never seen before!  

We invite you to increase our understanding, Lord! Thank you for this twelfth day of counting the Omer. Thank you for one week and five days of the countdown to Pentecost! Amen.

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