Contemporary Israeli Art

"Art is an expression of man's soul."

-Yoram Raanan

Meet the Artist

Step into a world of exquisite beauty featuring the stunning artwork of world-renowned Israeli artist Yoram Raanan.

Each painting is a masterpiece of radiant color and captivating imagery, sure to elevate your senses and bring you joy!

The Beauty of Holiness

"God saw and wanted us to see the beauty of the world. That is what great artists do, and that is why art is supremely the language of the spirit. Few artists in the Jewish world today better capture the beauty of holiness than Yoram Raanan. His paintings have inspired me for many years."

- Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks

Beauty from Ashes

In Israel, one artist has defined the art scene unlike any other. His bold colors capture a movement and a people. In 2016, his entire art studio tucked in the rolling hills of a peaceful village was engulfed in flames and the world lost more than 1500 paintings from 40 years of creative work.

Simka Foundation is breathing life back into some of these lost art pieces by reimagining them on a new creative canvas: silk scarves, satin bomber jackets and artisan foot stools, to name a few. Each purchase blesses Israel. 50% of the profit from every sale goes back to Yoram Raanan and his family.

Partnering with Simka Foundation

On a recent trip to Israel, Dr. Gayle spent an afternoon with Yoram Raanan sharing tea and dates in his forest home just west of Jerusalem.

Simka Foundation was given the rights to use 13 pieces of his art. In addition to the lovely products found here, you'll find Yoram's art featured prominently in your Shabbat Guide and Simka Wall Calendar.

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Art of Revelation

All images and products on this site are created with Yoram Raanan's explicit permission. We are partnering with him to bless Israel!

A portion of every art purchase goes directly to the artist to bless his country, his community and his family. If you are interested in purchasing large scale originals, contact Yoram directly and mention Simka Foundation.