Whether you traveled with us to Israel, attended a workshop, podcast or retreat, joined a seasonal festival or Shabbat dinner, ordered Festival in a Box, beta-tested our Shabbat Guide, or helped our Israel wartime efforts ... we appreciate you! Because of you, we were able to make an enormous impact not only in the U.S. but in Israel, Turkey, and Cyprus. 

In 2024, we will provide at least 3,000 printed resources to aid in our teaching and worldwide movement. We will produce and distribute to 10,000 people online teachings, increase media capabilities, expand international impact, and grow partnerships to multiply the Lord’s authentic plan for joy and rest.  


What is your legacy? We know making a positive impact on your family is vital. So, we teach about the first-century traditions of Jesus and the joyful culture of the earliest Christians. This is our inheritance, as children adopted into the family of God, which leads to strong families, meaningful relationships, and authentic connection to the origins of our faith.  

Simka’s ministry of joy and rest is a reliable resource for experiential teaching tools and training that encourage family intimacy, relationships with God, and community. To help our constituents, we focus on these three foundational activities: 

  • Rebuilding God’s Legacy in Families & Communities:

    We teach about the customs, traditions, and rhythms of Jesus’ first-century Hebraic lifestyle, inspiring others to immerse themselves in these practices which connect us to our authentic Christian heritage.

    Methods and Tools: Shabbat Guide, Wall Calendar, Festival in a Box, events, travel and speaking engagements.

  • Cultivating Joyful Maturity:

    We coach on the culture of “joy and rest” shared by the earliest believers, fostering emotional well-being and strong connections within families and communities. Our approachis based on the principles of emotional maturity, mutuality, and the latest brain science.

    Methods and Tools: online teaching, workshops, retreats, podcasts, and courses.

  • Inspiring a Movement:

    We identify and train leaders, called by God, to unite communities by embracing the rhythms of the Lord’s weekly and seasonal timing. Rooted in God’s original plan, these rhythms are the inheritance of every Christian.

    Methods and Tools: Online and in-person state-wide Ambassador program training, social media, conferences.