Omer - Day 2

Today, Sunday, April 9th, at twilight is the time to count the second day of the Omer. This is "day two".


Eleven of the Disciples gathered in a room on the second day after Jesus died. They discussed miraculous events that happened earlier that day on the road to Emmaus. While walking, a stranger joined in and later, ate with them. He took bread, gave thanks, and broke it. At that moment, they recognized who it was: Jesus in His resurrected body (John 20, Luke 24).

As the story was told, in the midst of the room where they gathered, Jesus suddenly appeared again. He announced a gift that would soon arrive and "clothe them with power from on high" (Luke 24:49). He always equips His followers with everything they need for the next season. 

Father, thank you for sending your Son with resurrection power. We choose to live in intimacy with Him the way He lived with His disciples. We invite you into our hearts afresh and thank you, Lord, for this second day of counting. We bless You as we walk through all 49 days by Your side. Amen.

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