Omer - Day 39

At twilight today, Monday, May 16th, a new day begins, the 39th day of "counting the Omer". Today marks five weeks and four days of counting.


The Kingdom of God is advancing on every front.  At the same time, rockets continue to pummel Israel from the South.  Christians from all over the world are uniting to fast and pray for the peace of Jerusalem.  The concept goes way back, even the psalmist wrote, "pray for the peace of Jerusalem"  (Psalem 122). Join us won't you? 

PRAYER: Thank You for setting your name in Jerusalem and protecting the place that never escapes your attention. On the thirty-ninth day of counting the Omer, we bless You. Thank you for continuing to walk by our side through all seven weeks of the countdown to Pentecost! Amen.

 Iyar 25


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