Omer - Day 17

At twilight today, Monday, April 24rd, a new day begins, the 17th  day of "counting the Omer". Today marks two weeks and three days of counting.

Peter went fishing during the days of counting the Omer. Nothing extraordinary about that, he had fished all his life. Yet this place, the Sea of Galilee, was special. It's where he first met his rabbi. Would Yeshua come to the Sea to visit him again? Suddenly, Peter heard a voice from the shore. It was Yeshua in His resurrected body, inviting Peter to breakfast and a destiny that connected him to heaven's plan for humanity.* 

Sometimes Jesus calls us back to where we first met Him to renew His call on our lives. May this day be like that for you. One word from Jesus makes the ordinary, extraordinary and brings answers for the future.

Thank you, Lord, for calling us to You, our first love! On this seventeenth day (two weeks and three days) of counting the Omer, we bless You. Thank you for continuing to walk by our side through all seven weeks of the countdown to Pentecost! Amen.  

*This is the third time Jesus appeared to his disciples after he was raised from the dead. 


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