• Dr. Gayle Timberlake

    Founder / CEO

    Dr. Gayle is a biblical scholar, university professor, and cultural ethnographer that leads tours in Israel and the Middle East. She has a PHD in New Testament Studies with a focus on first-century Christianity, specifically the customs and traditions of the earliest Church.

  • Stephen D. Alexander

    Co-Founder / CIO

    Stephen is a digital strategist, problem-solver and truth-seeker with a unique background in marketing, manufacturing and cultural anthropology (40+ countries). When not inventing new technologies, he has a passion for eschatology, healing and deliverance.

  • Debby Boggs

    Special Projects

    Debby serves as a faithful intercessor, executive admin and Kingdom ambassador. When not traveling the U.S. and the nations, Debby is connecting with others who have a heart for Israel, First Nations people and the promise of Amos 9:11 restored in the earth.

  • Theresa Bohls

    Marketing Communications

    Theresa is a former educator turned digital marketer using her passion for writing and technology to advance God’s kingdom and help others grow in their faith. As an avid evangelist, Theresa finds joy in sharing the Gospel, bringing the love of Christ to the streets of Austin.

Strategic Advisors

  • Marisa & Bob O'Dell

  • Todd Gibson

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Meet your Professor

Welcome to Simka. I'm glad you're here!

Over the last two decades, unique days set aside by the original followers of Jesus captured my attention. I wanted to know how first-century Christians lived their lives. What was important to them during the weeks, months and seasons of the year?

Curiosity about first-century traditions led me on an academic journey through Israel, England, South Africa and the Middle East. My research led me to discover the earliest followers of Jesus enjoyed customs and traditions centered around joy and rest. I've taught about these traditions in university classrooms, leadership seminars, churches and homes around the world. Now I'm here to teach you!

- Dr. Gayle