Omer - Day 3

Today, Monday, April 10th, at twilight is the time to count the third day of the Omer. This is "day three"!







For 40 days after His resurrection, Yeshua (Jesus) spoke about the Kingdom of God. He taught His disciples to pray saying, “Your Kingdom come, your will be done in heaven and on earth.”

While we often think of "the Kingdom of God" as far away, it is present whenever we align with God's ways. Accepting God’s authority begins with doing his will (Matthew 6:10). In what area of your life is He calling you closer to Him today so you can replace your plans with His magnificent strategy for your life?   

Father, thank you that your Kingdom isn't far off, it's here! (Zechariah 8-10).  We say "Yes" and "Amen" to your will being done here on earth and replace our heavy burden for your light yoke. We accept Your authority today knowing You are trustworthy. Thank you for this third day of counting. We bless You as we walk through all 49 days by Your side. Amen.

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