Omer - Day 46

At twilight today, Tuesday, May 23rd, a new day begins, the 46th day of "counting the Omer". Today marks six weeks and four days of counting.

Each day during the counting of the Omer, people read Psalm 67. The psalmist asks God to bless Israel so that God’s ways (His moral instruction of the Bible) would go global, and His salvation (the Messiah) be known worldwide. Remarkably, you are living to see this prophecy fulfilled! Jesus taught the fundamentals of the Jewish Bible to the whole world. We join in the fundamentals as we count. Only 4 days till the big feast!

PRAYER: Thank You, Lord for fulfilling prophecy in our day! On the forty-sixth day of counting the Omer, we bless You. Thank you for continuing to walk by our side through all seven weeks of the countdown to Pentecost! Amen.

Sivan 3

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