Omer - Day 8

At twilight today, Saturday, April 15th, a new day and a new week of "counting the Omer" begins! Today marks one week and a day of counting. The eighth day begins at twilight.

One week ago, Mary appeared at the tomb and Jesus was gone!  After she spoke with the risen Savior, she returned to her community and told them the things he said (John 20:18). 

God often calls us into radical encounters with Him, then opens doors for us to give testimony of His goodness. As knowledge increases, the Kingdom spreads and together, we grow stronger. Healthy communities of believers are among the Lord's top priorities.  

Father, we rejoice in the testimonies of others and trust You for the marvelous encounters You have for us!   Thank you, Lord, for this eighth day (one week and a day) in the countdown to Pentecost! Amen.




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